Last Christmas we were in the midst of a remodel and I had zero time for putting together neighbor gifts (or at least baking them!)  I needed something that didn’t involve cooking, but still wanted something fun and festive.  I decided to buy a big box of one of my favorite holiday cleaning products, Mrs. Meyers Counter Spray and Dish Soap in Peppermint and share those!  I created a quick tag and shared the idea on Instagram and this season, a whole year later, I’m getting messages asking for a refresher on what I did, so I figured I’d give it a permanent home here on my blog so you can reference later!

I purchased my products on Amazon, but realized after that it’s about the same price on the Mrs. Meyers website.  And you could use any favorite, festive cleaning product, here!  I just happen to love this one.  I popped one of these in a cellophane bag and tied it up with a ribbon.

Scissors and Tulle

Label Your Cute Bundles

I just grabbed a pack of Avery Labels 2-inch round labels.  I didn’t use any fancy editing equipment.  The Avery website has free design templates that make this super easy and I just selected this cute graphic and then added my text to say “May Even Your Dishes Be Merry & Bright” . (And “May Even Your Counters Be Merry & Bright). 

Tie up your holiday gifts and share!

And There you go- so, so easy!  I made a ton of these and kept them in a box by my door.  It was easy to deliver and also exchange if someone happened to stop by our house, first!  I hope this is helpful to some of you who are looking for an easy idea for a fun, festive, and USEFUL, gift!


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