I have four sons, who all love to pretend to play their Dad’s guitar.  We gifted our oldest a guitar last Christmas with the intention of putting him in lessons but found with sports and other activities he literally had NO free time for that.  Next plan was to encourage him to just hop on YouTube and learn by himself.  I’m sure you can guess how that went.  Bottom line, the guitar has been sitting around collecting dust.  My younger boys would love to learn, but we’ve found the guitar itself to be too large for their small hands.  I started looking for a guitar for kids and  was super intrigued when I discovered Loog, a company that not only makes guitars especially sized for kids, but a really easy (and fun!) learning system for them to actually get playing music, quickly.  I wanted to share these because I think they’re a fantastic gift idea for the upcoming holiday season!

These may be small, but make no mistake- they aren’t “toy” guitars.  These are beautiful, well made, real instruments.  The company actually started on KickStarter and raised more money than any other guitar product, ever.  They come in different colors and have several different models.  I have the Loog Mini (the mint colored one in these photos) and this black Pro Acoustic. There’s even an electric one, with an amp!

Loog Guitars on Pillow

These are good enough for pros, but designed for kids. You’ll notice these guitars have 3 strings.  The idea is that kids learn on a 3-string guitar and everything translates and transitions to a 6-string guitar as they get older. I’ve found this to be so much easier to learn than a full size 6-string guitar for both me and my kids. Loog Guitar with kids

My boys are ages 4, 8, 10, and 13.  The Mini Loog is the perfect size for a 4-year old, but I will say my 4yr old personally is a little young to really grasp the concept of chords, etc.  I know other little kiddos learn things like this, but that’s just my experience!  He does however still like to “practice” and is learning some basic skills so that’s fun.

Child Playing Guitar

The slightly larger Loog Pro is a great size for everyone else, even ME!  Yes, I too have been using this and learning right along side my kids.

My 10 yr old in particular has really taken to it.  I love that he’s choosing to even play on the guitar over watching tv and playing video games, which is kind of a miracle in and of itself.

So besides the guitar, each Loog comes with a set of cards that shows hand position and chords.

Guitar String Cards

My kids have been picking a few cards and laying them out on the ground and practicing changing between them.

Loog Kid Guitar

The part that is especially helpful is the Loog App.  It’s amazing actually, like a virtual instructor.  Through the app you can easily tune your guitar, learn chords, have video lessons explaining and demonstrating just about everything, play games, and play actual songs from the get-go. 

My son and I picked up the guitars one afternoon for the first time and before bedtime we had mastered 3 chords and could play one of our favorite White Stripes songs.  We felt like total rock stars.

They have a fun library of really cool songs on the app from artists like Taylor Swift, the Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and more. My kids thought that was really cool and made everything so relevant.

I just think this is an awesome product and a really cool concept.  We’ve been so happy with ours and I hope some of you might like them as well!

Child Size Guitar

You can visit the Loog website to see all their products.


*Loog sent me 2 guitars to review but is not compensating me for any promotion or my review.  I’m choosing to write about this because I genuinely love them!


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  1. Mrs. Molly Craig Reply

    This sounds INCREDIBLE. My 12yo daughter has been wanting to learn guitar & now I’m definitely looking into one of these for her! Thank you!! xo

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