Do you still have fall color where you live?  Ours is starting to all end up on the ground, so I wanted to share this idea for Wax Paper Leaf Pressings before everything was gone!  Did you guys make these when you were children?  I have vivid memories of doing this with my Mom when I was a little girl.  I loved the crinkly feeling of the wax and seeing the light pour through my carefully collected leaves.

Supplies needed:

Fall leaves
Waxed Paper
2 light dish towels (tea towels work great)

fall leaves in hand

Lay a towel on the counter top and place a piece of waxed paper on top.  Lay your leaves  on the waxed paper, leaving space between each one.  Place a second sheet of wax paper on top of the leaves.

fall leaves on wax

Place another towel on top of the waxed paper and then using a warm iron, iron all over.  I do just a quick iron over the actual leaves themselves, and press further around the edges and in between.  You can experiment with your iron settings to see how hot it needs to be to melt the wax and press the paper together.

ironing fall leaves

You can then use a pair of scissors to trim around your paper, which has acted as a lamination of sorts.  Hold the papers up to a window and watch the golden sun light up your luminaries in a gorgeous display.

Fall leaves luminaries

We like to tape ours to the window (windows I’m realizing I should have at least Windexed before photographing, lol)

fall leaves luminaries on window

The leaves on our trees outside are starting to all disappear, but our luminaries are still going strong!

fall leaves on wax paper craft

Try this at home and experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colors!


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